For more than quater of century, Elistil has been producing leather, suede, sheepskin and fur garments for customers across five continents. We are a vertically integrated company, handling everything from the tanning of hides to the handcrafted finished garments. In the fast-paced world of fashion it takes dynamism and intuition to keep moving and we are constantly developing our product, our market and our vision of the future.
Dedicated to inspiring the feminine spirit, ELISTIL continues to evolve as a leading force. We’ve come a long way and we’re still making history every day.

ELISTIL takes the lead when it comes to delivering innovative trending & latest fashion direct to its customers. Equiped with modern technology equipments & signature style of premimum tailoring elistil wanted to create something new: a range of clothing with all the quality , but with a relaxed modern style.

Elistil brought quality basics with a confident, feminine and effortless attitude to customers by committing them to deliver the best at an affordable price and makes them satisfied.As a company that designs for women, we are also a company that values women and focuses on women’s ready-to-wear collections, which have evolved to offer a comprehensive range of daywear and eveningwear. We believe that our high quality garments, crafted beautifully that are designed to last, and making our styles to go global.

Leather is a very demanding material and it never lies – it requires great skill to get the best from it and a deep understanding of its possibilities and limitations. Quality, fit, cut and finish are crucial, and our customers appreciate our expertise and the extra time and effort that we put into sourcing and constructing an exceptional product. We believe in ageing gracefully. Each of our garments is designed to last and only improve with time, love and care. No two garments are ever the same. Our primary objective is to cast an expert eye over each hide and allow the full expression of its unique beauty to reveal itself. This is our daily adventure and we love it!